Training Course on Environmental Health with the Emphasis on Food Security

Background and Rational


Environmental quality is important factor affecting on human health status. Deteriorating environment is a major factor to poor health and quality of life. Unquestionably, so felts food is essential to healthy life. World Health Organization (WHO) defines food sanitation as a major context in environmental health area. At the Earth Summit in 1992, food contamination was acknowledged as an importance health issue. Healthy and safety food are long concerned by agencies in Thailand and placed on their top agenda.

Thus, the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies intends to organize a training program in environmental health focusing food security and related issues. This program offers a training course providing an understanding of basic in environmental health areas and will emphasize on food related issues. Although food is essential to healthy life, it can also be a major route for many contaminated toxic chemicals that exposure to human via a food web. So, one of the important related topics is organic agriculture. That is the best practice for solving the problem of food chemical contamination as well as reducing some environmental problems.

In addition, this course will also provide relevant information and experiences of the development and movement of health system reform in Thailand. The Royal Thai Government responded to the emerging health crisis by undertaking radical health system reform that reflects responses to past crisis in health systems from last few years. Hopefully, the topic of this current issue in Thailand will be useful for countries participants in the future.


7-25 July 2008


  1. To develop well-educated people who have basic knowledge concerning environmental health with the emphasis on application to food relating issues
  2. To introduce an important movement of health system reform in Thailand
  3. To improve the expertise in the environmental health and food security aspects
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