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Mahidol University Seed Funding for Visiting Professors/Scholars from ASEAN

1. Rationale
       Mahidol University has set up nine strategies to achieve its vision of being one of the leading world class universities. In fact, “Internationalization” is one of the most important strategies to reflect the university image and visibility in terms of a key performance indicator (KPI) in the world university rankings. Consequently, the university has established the project entitled “Mahidol University seed funding for visiting professors/scholars from ASEAN”. One of the best methods to reach the university’s vision is to support visiting professors/scholars from ASEAN Communities to exchange knowledge and experience with the professors, researchers, and students of the university. These will additionally create international environment preparing for the coming Asean Economic Community (AEC) by 2015.

2. Objectives

  1. To promote diverse and international courseworks and research of the university.
  2. To create international academic and research networks among professors/scholars in the ASEAN Community.
  3. To prepare personal resources of Mahidol University for the coming AEC.

3. Fellowship information
       The total 50 fellowships are available. Each fellowship will totally award of $100,000 Baht.

4. Fellowship requirements

  1. Professor/researcher qualifications
    1.1 Must be foreign visiting professors/scholars who are working in academic institutions, research institutes, or associated organizations with qualified degrees and high experiences in teaching and/or research in their fields of expertise.
    1.2 Have high efficiency of teaching and able to teach or conduct research works at Mahidol University for the entire time period of getting this fellowship.
    1.3 Receive a permission from their permanent offices to work as visiting professors/scholars at Mahidol University for at least 3 months indicated in the fellowship contracts.
  2. Funding criteria
    2.1 Must work at Mahidol University at least 3 months (or less than this if the working time period is in a summer semester).
    2.2 For a faculty or department with undergraduate courses taught, a visiting professor/scholar must teach at least 8 hours per three months.
    2.3 Priority of funding consideration
         - A host faculty/department with less financial support will be firstly considered.
         - The longer the period of working time at Mahidol University, the higher priority for fellowship consideration.
         - A visiting professor/scholar must start working at Mahidol University before September 30, 2013.
         - A host faculty/department must submit a working report of each visiting professor/scholar to the university within 30 day after his/her project completion.

5. Application documents

  1. A visiting professor/scholar application form for a host faculty/department inside Mahidol University to fill out.
    [pdf fileDownload]
  2. A visiting professors/scholars application form for a fellowship candidate to fill out. [pdf fileDownload]
  3. A consent letter from a current office of a fellowship candidate allowing him/her to work as a visiting professor at Mahidol University for at least 3 months during a certain period of time.
  4. A curriculum vitae of a fellowship candidate.
  5. A copy of the first page of a fellowship candidate’s passport.
  6. A host faculty/department must submit an application package of the above required documents to the International Relations Division, Mahidol University.

6. Application period
       March 1 – September 1, 2013.
Remark: In case a visiting professor/scholar who is awarded the fellowship but cannot come to work at Mahidol University before September 30, 2013, a host faculty/department must fill out the exempt form with sufficient explanation and submit it to the IRD, Mahidol University, for considering case by case.

7. Budget
       Mahidol University receives the annual final support from the Royal Thai government for the fiscal year of 2013 for the amount of 5,000,000 Baht. This amount of budget is allocated for 50 fellowships. Each fellowship will totally award for 100,000 Baht. A host faculty/department must responsible for more financial support in case it is requested by an accepted visiting professor/scholar.

8. Anticipated benefits

  1. Increase diversities and universality on academic coursework and research of the university.
  2. Create more academic and research networks among professors, researchers, and students in the ASEAN Community.
  3. Increase more international environment inside the university.
  4. Create preparedness for Mahidol University to be one of a leading university in the ASEAN Community.

9. Project responsible unit
       The International Relation Division, Mahidol University.

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