MU-EN Training Center

Online International Training Course
“Exploring the Role of GIS Technology with Environmental Health and Human Health:
Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptations of Climate Change” During the COVID-19 Pandemic
8 – 19 November 2021


Course Director:
Associate Professor Dr.Kanchana Nakhapakorn

Sponsored by:
Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)

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Training Schedule

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Date Topic Lecturer Evaluation Document
8 November, 2021

Topic 1: Understanding Geo-information technology with health application

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kanchana Nakhapakorn

Assessment for Topic 1

  Topic 2: Geo-informatics and Health Applications Climate Change Impact on Dengue fever in Thailand using spatial analysis Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kanchana Nakhapakorn Assessment for Topic 2  

CC1 / CC2 / CC3

9 November, 2021 Topic 3: Geo-informatics on Environmental Issues Dr.Kessinee Unapumnuk

Assessment for Topic 3

  Topic 4: How COVID-19 pandemic effects on Air Quality and Environment Assoc.Prof.Rattapon Onchang Assessment for Topic 4  
10 November, 2021 Topic 5: Potential impact of climate change on air pollution-related human health effects and adaptation Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kraichat Tantrakarnapa

Assessment for Topic 5

  Topic 6: COVID-19 situation in Thailand Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kraichat Tantrakarnapa Assessment for Topic 6  
11 November, 2021 Topic 7: Spatial analysis for epidemiology and Public Health Asst.Prof.Dr.Chawarat Rotejanaprasert

Assessment for Topic 7

  Topic 8: The role of geography to track the health situation. Asst.Prof.Dr. Chudech Losiri Assessment for Topic 8  
12 November, 2021 Topic 9: Geo-Informatics on Environmental Issues. The Extreme Weather Events and Health Effects Dr.Pakorn Petchprayoon

Assessment for Topic 9

  Topic 10: Urban resilience to climate extremes in Thailand Asst.Prof.Dr.Uma Langkulsen Assessment for Topic 10  

Workshop 1: Individual/Group Mini-project Assignment

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part 2 Plot graph and Basic statistic data import and data display with table and chart

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kanchana Nakhapakorn

Assessment for Workshop I

15 November, 2021 Topic 11: Spatial Distribution and Hotspot Detection Asst.Prof.Dr.Phaisarn Jeefoo Assessment for Topic 11  
  Topic 12: HNAP: National Adaptation Plan in health sector Dr.Benjawan Tawatsupa

Assessment for Topic 12

16 November, 2021

Topic 13: Hydro-Informatics for Climate Change Adaptation

Dr. Kanoksri Sarinnapakom Assessment for Topic 13  
  Topic 14: Integration of GIS Technology with R programming to COVID-19 pandemic Assoc.Prof.Dr.Supet Jirakajohnkool

Assessment for Topic 14

17 November, 2021 Topic 15: Implementation within GIS of spatial analytical tools for climate change impacts and vulnerability assessment/Public Health Dr. Allan Sriratana Tabucanon Assessment for Topic 15  
18 November, 2021 Topic 16: Climate change and its Mitigation & Adaptation: Perspectives from International agreements and Thailand Dr. Atsamon Limsakul

Assessment for Topic 16

  Workshop 2: Mini-project discussion Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kanchana Nakhapakorn Assessment for Workshop II  
19 November, 2021 Workshop 3: Mini-project presentation Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kanchana Nakhapakorn
Dr. Allan Sriratana Tabucanon
Assessment for Workshop III  

Overall conclusions, group discussion and course evaluation

  Assessment for Overall